What Does It Mean to See Angel Number 818?

818 angel number meaning

Numbers are everywhere in the world around us. If you see the same number over and over again, though, you might start to wonder whether someone is trying to tell you something.

Some people refer to these three-digit numbers that catch their eye as angel numbers. While attempts have been made to catalog the meanings of these numbers, you may be better off learning to find and trust your own intuition about the meanings of the numbers you see.

Like your dreams, the symbols and signs you see in your waking life try to communicate with you in your own language. There may not be a one-size-fits-all way of interpreting them, as you might have unique associations based on your own personal experiences.

Let’s work through how you might figure out what seeing 818 means to you.

Angel Number 818 Summary

Angel Number 818 Symbolism

The meanings of angel numbers are not always over your head in an ethereal way. Sometimes an answer that seems too straightforward to be true actually is on the right track.

When you look for the symbolism of 818, or any other three-digit number, look for obvious connections first, like whether 818 represents the birthday of someone you know or the area code of where someone significant to you lives.

If there isn’t an easy answer to explain your 818 sightings, you might need to look at the symbolism of the numbers 1 and 8. The symbolic associations of numbers are the same whether you see numbers in your dreams or while you are awake. As 8 can symbolize abundance, and 1 can symbolize new beginnings, 818 could symbolize that taking initiative might be necessary to achieve abundance.

Another interesting feature about the number 818 is that it is symmetrical, so noticing 818 could symbolize that getting balance in your life is important to you.

Places You Might See Angel Number 818

  1. On a license plate
  2. In a street address or highway number
  3. On a clock
  4. In an area code
  5. In a book

Special Cases for Angel Number 818

  1. What does 818 mean for singles?
  2. What does 818 mean for twin flames?

Angel Number 818 Symbolism

Angel number 818 symbolism


One of the first things you should consider when you are trying to understand any number you seem to see a lot is whether it is the birthday of anyone you know. Get the simple possibilities out of the way first before you move on to anything more complicated.

Whether you read dates as August 18 or 18 August, 818 reads the same in either direction. It’s at least not a three-digit number that has ambiguity in this regard, like 128 could be read as January 28, December 8, or 12 August.

If someone significant in your life has an August 18 birthday, seeing 818 everywhere might mean it would be good for you to check in with them if you haven’t heard from them in a while. The emotional atmosphere that accompanies your 818 sighting could give you a clue about the dynamic of your relationship with this person.

If the situation in which you see 818 feels good emotionally, maybe this person has something helpful to share with you. You might be happy about the direction in which your relationship with this person is developing.

If your 818 sighting is jarring or shocking, though, maybe this person is in trouble and needs your help. Alternately, a difficult 818 sighting could push you to see an uncomfortable truth about your relationship with this person.

If the person significant to you who has an August 18 birthday is no longer living, seeing 818 everywhere could symbolize that you are still connected to them in some way.

If August 18 is your birthday, seeing 818 everywhere could symbolize that you have an opportunity for a fresh start. However, you might need to make an effort to focus on your own interests instead of getting caught up in the goings on of other people.


Sometimes symmetrical numbers like 818, 525, or 929 might catch your attention. Noticing 818 in this way could symbolize that you are looking for balance in your life.

These symmetrical numbers also seem to provide containment in a way. You may be hoping for some situation in your life to similarly have tidy bookends, to begin and end cleanly.


The number 8 has associations with abundance, so 888 can especially be associated with good fortune in this regard. 818 could be looked at as similar to 888 in some ways, but the 1 also needs to be accounted for.

The number 1 is associated with new beginnings and also with solitude. Seeing 818 could therefore combine the symbolism of 8 and the symbolism of 1.

The result of combining 8 and 1 might be along the lines that you can have abundance, but you might need to take initiative to make it happen instead of sitting back and expecting things to come to you. It could be hard to find the right balance between being too passive in letting the universe do its thing and being too aggressive in exerting your own effort.

Places You Might See Angel Number 818

Numbers appear in many common contexts in life. If you find 818, or any other angel number that seems to be following you, in one of the places on this list, you might look for it in another.

For example, if you most commonly see 8:18 on a clock, you might look for it in a book, or vice versa. Especially if you are bored, you can turn this into a fun scavenger hunt, where seeing 818 might just be one step in your journey down a totally random rabbit hole.

On a license plate

Angel number 818 on a license plate

Every state or country numbers license plates in its own way, but some license plates have three-digit number combinations. If you see 818 on a license plate, you might think about what the car was doing when you saw it.

Seeing 818 on a car that was being driven aggressively would have a different vibe from seeing 818 on a car calmly parked in front of a nice house, for example. Seeing 818 in the context of aggression might symbolize that you are trying too hard to bring abundance into your life. In this case, you might need to embrace the receptive side of 818 more.

If you feel like 818 refers more to a specific person in your life, though, the condition of the car could be a comment on how that person, or your relationship with them, is doing. You might also see if the car has any distinctive bumper stickers that seem relevant to your situation, because the messages of bumper stickers can be very direct.

In a street address or highway number

Angel number 818 on street address

If you see 818 in a street address or highway number, the associations of 818 with abundance might be relevant to whatever you are doing there, but you could need to reflect on whether this activity is bringing you closer to achieving your goals.

On a clock

Angel number 818 on a clock

One common place to see angel numbers is on a digital clock. Noticing 8:18 on a clock could be a good opportunity to reflect on what you are doing to bring abundance into your life.

You might also notice what you were doing when you saw 8:18 on the clock. That could be something you should do more of to bring abundance into your life. If you know you were just lazing around, though, you may need to think about whether your current balance of letting things come to you versus actively pursuing them is working well for you.

If you feel like seeing 8:18 refers more to a specific person in your life, though, you might think about how whatever you were doing when you saw 8:18 pertains to that relationship.

In an area code

Phone numbers in the United States generally include a three-digit area code. If you see a particular three-digit number all the time, you might Google to find out whether it corresponds to an area code and, if so, where that area code is.

Maybe someone significant to you lives there or is from there, or maybe that would be a good place for you to travel or even move. You might just benefit from learning about a historical event that happened there.

In the United States, 818 is an area code covering the San Fernando Valley region of Los Angeles County in California. Every country handles phone and postal numbers in its own way, but, if your country has three-digit phone or postal codes, you could use this process for that as well.

In a book

Angel number 818 in a book

Many libraries organize their books by the three-digit codes of the Dewey Decimal System. If you find yourself seeing 818 or another three-digit number that you don’t have obvious associations with, you might see what topic it refers to in the Dewey Decimal System, as maybe that is something important for you to learn about. 818, a subcategory of literature, refers to miscellaneous works by American authors.

818 could also refer to a page or chapter number in a book that is important to you. The Bible is organized in a way such that each chapter and verse is numbered, so seeing 818 could mean that chapter 8: verse 18 in one of the Bible’s books is significant to you.

Special Cases for Angel Number 818

What does 818 mean for singles?

What does 818 mean for singles?

Seeing 818 if you are single and interested in having a relationship could suggest that you need to put yourself out there instead of waiting for others to come to you. It might be along the lines of the song “Hey Jude” by The Beatles: “You were made to go out and get her.” Whether or not she (or he) says yes, you will at least know the answer so you can move forward.

If you feel like 818 is more directly about a specific person you are considering, though, you might look at the context in which you saw 818. If you felt good at the time, that could encourage you to pursue this person further. If your 818 sighting had upsetting components, though, you may need to listen to your intuition regarding any red flags about this person.

What does 818 mean for twin flames?

The sort of intense relationship that people might refer to as a twin flame relationship can feel fated, like the people in the relationship may not even have control over it. If you are experiencing this type of passionate connection, seeing 818 can remind you to keep track of where you are in all of this.

While the symbolism of the number 8 may reflect that you feel like your intense twin flame relationship is a gift of cosmic abundance, the symbolism of the number 1 reminds you that, no matter how entwined you might feel with the other person, you are still a separate individual. Being a separate individual does not mean that you have failed somehow in your relationship; it is simply part of reality, and acknowledging reality is necessary to have a successful relationship.


Taking the time to think about the numbers you see around you can make your daily activities more interesting. While numbers can seem more intimidating than other symbols you might try to interpret in dreams or your waking life, they don’t have to be.

Some people do delve deeply into detailed systems of numerology, and that may turn out to be something you want to study further. If you feel like 818 or any other number you seem to be seeing a lot of has a meaning that is more intuitively obvious to you, though, maybe the most important message is that it’s okay for you to trust your own intuition.