What Does It Mean to See Angel Number 666?

Angel Number 666

Angel number is a common term for a number people might see in their daily lives that seems to carry a message. Many of the most well-known angel numbers are three-digit numbers.

However, 666 is a three-digit number with a scary reputation. How can it possibly be called an angel number?

Angel Number 666 Summary

Angel Number 666 Symbolism

The scary reputation of the number 666 comes from its appearance in the Book of Revelation in the Bible. Revelation describes a vision of a series of cataclysmic events leading up to God’s eventual reign in a new holy city.

These cataclysmic events include the appearance of two beasts, as described in Revelation 13. Of the second such beast, it is said: “Also it causes all, both small and great, both rich and poor, both free and slave, to be marked on the right hand or the forehead, so that no one can buy or sell who does not have the mark, that is, the name of the beast or the number of its name. This calls for wisdom: let anyone with understanding calculate the number of the beast, for it is the number of a person. Its number is six hundred and sixty-six.”

Some people have since used various approaches to numerology to suggest that the names of religious and political leaders they do not like somehow add up to the number 666. However, many of the religious and political leaders targeted by this tactic have already come and gone, and we are still here sans apocalyptic event.

Perhaps the battle between good and evil is fought on a much more intimate scale than any particular politician’s term in office. As Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn put it, “The line separating good and evil passes not through states, nor between classes, nor between political parties either – but right through every human heart – and through all human hearts.”

Back to numbers, many systems of divination associate the number six with material security and taking care of your practical responsibilities. Whether you see numbers in your dreams or in waking life, the basic symbolism of numbers is the same.

The number 666 is a more intense expression of the symbolism of the number six. Seeing 666 could simply symbolize that it is urgently necessary for you to focus on sorting out your practical life in the physical world at this time. There are times in life when that is the most spiritually appropriate thing you could possibly do.

However, seeing 666 may alert you to a problem if you are obsessed with the practical stuff to the point that you are not as aware as you could be of the spiritual experience of life. When you pay attention to your spiritual side, you may improve your ability to determine which situations are good and which are evil.

As in the example in the Book of Revelation, 666 can indeed be associated with things like buying and selling. We all have to do things like buy and sell to get through our lives, but the lesson of 666 is that we must keep that part of life in proper perspective. Honor your practical needs, but don’t forget that you have spiritual needs too.

Places You Might See Angel Number 666

  1. On a shopping receipt
  2. In a video game
  3. On a license plate

Special Cases for Angel Number 666

  1. What does 666 mean for singles?
  2. What does 666 mean for twin flames?

Angel Number 666 Symbolism

Angel Number 666 Symbolism


Especially if you are really invested in the idea that 666 means something bad, seeing 666 could symbolize that you feel like you are the “bad guy” in a situation in your life. Maybe you have to tell people a truth they don’t want to hear, or maybe you are being blamed for something that other people actually had some fault in too.

You might not be thrilled to be given the responsibility of being the scapegoat. However, the bright side is that people must think you are awfully powerful if they imagine you are powerful enough to cause all of their problems.

Similar themes can be found in the Tarot card The Devil and in demon dream symbolism.


Working to earn money and taking care of household chores are necessary parts of life for most people. It’s not wrong to do these things or to continually strive to do them better. However, if you obsessively focus on that to the point you ignore the spiritual side of your life, seeing 666 could remind you to correct your course.

On the other hand, if you spend so much of your time obsessively focused on spiritual matters that you can’t support yourself financially, seeing 666 could symbolize that becoming a little more practical would actually be good for you.


The number 666 is associated with a concern for material security, but it can also be involved in situations where you play hard as well as work hard. The common denominator is that you put a high priority on your physical experience. If you’re working like crazy to earn a lot of money, you might as well spend it on something that feels good, right?

Pursuing physical pleasure is not necessarily wrong. However, seeing 666 could suggest that your pursuit of pleasure has crossed a line into addiction, where you seem to no longer have control over your desires.

Places You Might See Angel Number 666

On a shopping receipt

Angel Number 666 on a shopping receipt

If you see a price like $6.66 or $666 on your shopping receipt, you might think about whether whatever you just bought is really good for you.

It may indicate that you are buying something addictive. You might also have an addictive relationship to shopping in general, where you are unsuccessfully trying to fill a spiritual void with your purchases.

In a video game

Angel number 666 in a video game

Numbers often appear in video games to signify scores, levels, and so on. Seeing 666 while you are playing a video game could be a nudge to look at whether your enjoyment of video games has caused an imbalance in your life. You might be neglecting your practical responsibilities or the opportunity to pursue spiritual matters.

On a license plate

Every state or country handles license plates a little differently, but some car license plates have three-digit numbers.

If you see 666 on a license plate, the type of car you see 666 on could show something about what tends to keep you distracted from pursuing the spiritual side of life. For example, if it’s a very expensive car, you might be absorbed in the pursuit of money.

However, if you see 666 on an old beater car, maybe your belief that you need to avoid worrying about the material world so that you can focus exclusively on being spiritual is not entirely healthy. The road to sanity is balance, not purity.

Special Cases for Angel Number 666

What does 666 mean for singles?


What does 666 mean for singlesIf you are single and find yourself seeing 666 a lot, you might need to think about what qualities you tend to look for in prospective mates. You may be specifically trying to find a partner who makes a lot of money or excites you physically.

It is not necessarily wrong to enjoy having a rich or attractive partner, but, if those are the only criteria you focus on, you might be missing out on someone who could be good for you in ways you haven’t fully considered yet.

Try opening up to the possibility of a partner who is engaged with the spiritual side of life, even if other things about them are not necessarily attention-grabbing.

What does 666 mean for twin flames?

If you are in a relationship intense enough that the term “twin flame” seems to apply, seeing 666 could symbolize that your relationship has become overly focused on material concerns. Perhaps you were drawn to your partner at least in part because of their lucrative career – or maybe you sense your partner feels that way about you.

It is not necessarily wrong to have a lucrative career or to find that attractive in a partner. Financial stability can certainly be a very important consideration in a relationship, especially if you are interested in starting a family.

However, seeing 666 might remind you that money is not the only thing that matters.

666 can also be associated with situations where enjoyment of material pleasures has crossed the line into addiction.

If your relationship seems to have an excessive amount of ups and downs, seeing 666 could ask you to consider whether you and your partner are addicted to each other rather than interacting with each other in a healthy way.


Angel numbers have their name because they seem to give us messages, but messages do not always tell us what we want to hear. Seeing 666 can be a message that you need to correct your course to find balance between the material and spiritual sides of your life.