Lion Dreams Interpretations & Symbolism

Lion Dreams, Interpretations, Symbolism

Lions appearing in your dreams can mean various things, though typically they are present around the theme of power. If you have been having dreams about lions, find out here what they really mean.

Lion Dream Summary

Lion Symbolism

Lions are strong and powerful, both in real life but also symbolically. They represent domination and aggression. The lions in your dreams may be symbolic of these traits, but they could also be representative of somebody who is a Leo star sign. The context of the lion in your dream will be important to correctly interpret it.

Common Lion Dreams

Several common dreams that are based around lions are listed below, along with their interpretations. These include:

  1. Dreams About Hunting a Lion
  2. Dreams About Befriending a Lion
  3. Dreams About Being a Lion
  4. Dreams About a Black Lion
  5. Dreams About a White Lion
  6. Dreams About Caged Lions
  7. Dreams About Lion Cubs
  8. Dreams About Fighting a Lion
  9. Dreams About Being Chased by a Lion
  10. Dreams About a Lion Hunting

What does the Symbolism of Lions Mean?

Lion Symbolism


Lions are considered to be dominant animals, both in the animal kingdom and also in the realm of spirit animals. Lions are at the top of the food chain and are therefore able to rule over the animal kingdom, where their dominance can be asserted. As a spirit animal, the lion symbolizes power and authority and is seen as a respectable animal who is not to be messed with or undermined. This animal is known as the king of the jungle, which is another reason why they symbolize dominance.

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Anger and Aggression

Lions symbolize both anger and aggression, and because of this, they can be seen as something to be feared. They are wild animals who are known for taking no prisoners when it comes to hunting their prey or getting their way.


Lions have very strong bodies, which often have clearly defined muscles. This physical strength translates to symbolic strength, and they are therefore considered to be a sign of power. This symbolism of lions as icons of strength have led the animal to be used as the mascot for many sports teams, as a way of sending the message to competitors that they are mentally and physically strong and a force to be reckoned with.


Lions can also symbolize magic and mysticism. They have been used in mythology as magical creatures, and can now be representative of magic or illusion.


The lion is the symbol of Leo, and so a lion can be symbolic of a person who has this as their star sign. Leo’s are known to have good leadership qualities, which fits in with the symbolism of a lion being dominant and powerful.

Lion Dream Interpretations

Dreams About Hunting a Lion

If you have had a dream about hunting down a lion, then this is an indication that you are trying to secure a promotion or trying to get the upper hand in a situation. Lions represent dominance, and so the fact that you are trying to hunt down a lion means you are trying to become dominant yourself. This could translate to your work life if you are trying to gain a promotion that would see you in a managerial position or a role that would give you more responsibility.

Hunting a lion could also indicate that you are chasing a more dominant role in other areas of your life. If you feel undermined by a friend, this dream could be about gaining back control in your friendship. If you are in a relationship and feel like you are in a position of weakness, this dream might be trying to tell you that you need to get your power back, whether that be by removing yourself from the relationship or working to regain your respect.

Dreams About Befriending a Lion

Dreams About Befriending a Lion

Befriending a lion is usually a sign that you are building a deep and meaningful relationship with someone in your waking life. Lions can represent loyalty, and so if the lion in your dream is friendly, then you can surmise that your new friend can be trusted and will become a special part of your life. The way that you develop a friendship with the lion in your dream can affect the way the dream should be interpreted. If the lion is at first reluctant, this means there is somebody already in your life who wants more from you, and you might need to put in extra effort to put their insecurities at bay and draw out the best in them.

If you feed a lion to gain its trust, this is a sure sign that you are building a significant relationship with someone in your waking life. If you befriend a pack of lions in your dream, this should be taken as understanding you have a deep desire to become more involved in social activities in your waking life and build a strong network of friends. This is a common dream in today’s world where social media has encouraged us to physically distance ourselves with friends. Use this dream as a sign that you should make more effort to build relationships in order to better your life, your confidence, and your mental health.

Dreams About Being a Lion

Dreams About Being a Lion

Being a lion in your dream can mean a number of things, but rest assured that this is almost always a positive dream. Lions are the king of the jungle, so if you dream about being a lion who is proudly surveying his kingdom, then this is reflective of how you feel in your own life. The dream indicates that you are happy with your accomplishments, and you are at a point in life where you feel content.

If the lion you inhabit in your dream faces challenges, then this is more likely a suggestion that you are facing struggles in your own life, but the fact that you became a lion in your dream is a sign that you will be able to tackle these struggles and overcome them. As lions can symbolize dominance, being a lion can also mean that you are trying to regain control of your life, or of your emotions.

Dreams About a Black Lion

Dreams About a Black Lion

Dreams about black lions are a bad sign. Lions with black fur are an omen of negative energy, and they often represent a person in your life who is trying to cause you harm. This person is usually a person of power, or it might be someone who has power over you, for example, a friend who knows a secret about you. This dream is likely to make you feel anxious, and this is a sign that you should do something about the negative force in your life before it gets out of control.

Dreams About a White Lion

Dreams About a White Lion

White lions are a sign of magic and mystique, as well as good fortune. Seeing a white lion in your dream is a good omen, which a wonderful new chapter of your life is about to begin. A white lion can also be a sign of the power you hold within you, especially if you are the white lion in your dream. White lions can be representative of the awareness of your own strength and can help to improve your self-confidence. In ancient dream books, white lions are regarded as symbols of our own inner strength and spiritual journey. Seeing a white lion in your dream is an affirmation that you are on the right path.

Dreams About Caged Lions

Dreams About Caged Lions

Dreaming about caged lions is a sign that you are happy with your position of power and responsibility in your life. The character of the lions held within the cage or symbolic of how your peers or the people you manage see you. If the lions are behaving as you would expect them to, then you can rest assured that you are doing a good job. If the lions appear lazy, sleepy, or despondent, then this is a sign that you should change your tactics in real life to get the best out of those around you.

Dreams About Lion Cubs

Dreams About Lion Cubs

Lion cubs are a symbol of innocence, purity, and vulnerability. The specific details of this dream will tell you how it should be interpreted. A dream about taking care of cubs may be trying to tell you that you feel ready to take on the responsibility of caring for others in real life, whether that be an indication that you would like to have children, get a pet, or even start up your own business.

If the cubs in your dream were being attacked, then this is a sign you feel anxious about the wellbeing of your own children. This is a common dream for parents to have if they are sending children off to school for the first time or allowing them to take a trip with another family. A friendship with a lion cub could be symbolic of a friendship you have in real life. The fact that the lion is a cub means your friend may be vulnerable or insecure, and you will need to take this into account when nurturing your friendship.

Dreams About Fighting a Lion

Dreaming about fighting a lion is typically an indication of a power struggle in your waking life. As lions are a symbol of power, it is common that fighting a lion relates to a dispute you are having with your boss, a teacher, or someone who is deemed to have power over you. Though this might be a difficult dream to have that could leave you feeling threatened, the fact that you are fighting back is a sign that you can handle this particular problem. Your dream is telling you not to back down, to stand your ground, and that everything will work out.

Dreams About Being Chased by a Lion

Being chased by a lion in your dream is bound to make you feel threatened and uncomfortable, which relates to the fact that you are dealing with an uncomfortable situation in your waking life. The lion in this dream can represent a specific person who is threatening you and challenging your position in life, such as a colleague, a boss, a friend, or a partner.

However, the lion could also be representative of your own feelings and emotions. Running away from the lion is how you are processing, trying to run away from your feelings, but no matter how fast or how far you run, the feelings will still be there unless you deal with them. The fact that your emotions are being symbolized by a lion, a powerful and fearless animal, should tell you that these feelings cannot be ignored. They are strong and powerful, and the only way to truly make them go away is to confront them.

Dreams About a Lion Hunting

Dreams About a Lion Hunting

Dreaming about a hunting lion is indicative that you feel undervalued, helpless, or worthless. It may be that you are not progressing in the way you would like in your job and that your hard work is going unnoticed. Or it might be that you are being taken for granted in a relationship, whether that be with a friend, partner, or family member. Hunting lions represent your capability to survive on your own, but that you would also appreciate some reassurance or support from somebody else. You might want to use this dream to reach out to a trusted person in your life or make changes to ensure you are noticed.


Dreams about lions can be very powerful and are able to make you feel proud and confident, but they can also leave you feeling troubled and weak. The way that you feel after your dream is a good indication of how you should interpret the dream, and a bad dream can actually be a good thing if it spurs you on to make positive changes in your life.

Lion Dreams Interpretations & Symbolism

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